Friday, April 24, 2009

SOA and Off-Shore Project Models

Jonathan Machules, Technology Director

SOA is, as it was hyped by the marketing machines years ago, the next maturity level in Architecture. Service Orientation adds another level of design, development and maintenance considerations to projects. Another trend in the industry is the off-shore model of development of these projects. You can see why project success with these maturing trends is largely dependent on the personnel involved.

At Prolifics we are leaders in both these areas. We have expertise in SOA Methodology, Design and Architecture across all functional and non-functional domains complimented by a proven off-shore methodology that delivers.

On a recent SOA project using off-shore resources I had 2 months to Architect and Design an Enterprise Integration Platform for a large financial company seeking to use a combination on-shore/off-shore model for the Design and Development of Enterprise Integration system based on SOA.

This combined model works well with the right pieces in personnel in place. Capable developers with the ability to learn new technologies, strong project management and architectural leadership. Couple this with proven communication strategies and process for corresponding tactical direction and deliverables and there is a model that can work in the face of new technologies and regionally separated personnel.

The pay-off for this model combination is reduced cost and time to market. Given the economic times I foresee we will see a fair amount of interest and subsequent implementations with such models.


Jonathan Machules first joined Prolifics as a Consultant, and is currently a Technology Director specializing in SOA, BPM, UML and IBM's SOA-related technologies. He has 12 years experience in the IT field — 2 of those years at Oracle as a Support Analyst and 10 years in Consulting. Jon is a certified IBM SOA Solution Designer, Solutions Developer, Systems Administrator and Systems Expert. Recent speaking engagements include IMPACT on SOA End-to-End Integration in 2007 and 2008, and SOA World Conference on SOA and WebSphere Process Server in 2007.