Thursday, December 15, 2011

What I Am Looking Forward to at Lotusphere 2012

The main theme of Lotusphere 2012 is ‘Social, Mobile and Cloud’. I would like to use the acronym MoSCo for the same. 2011 represented a key year in terms of a key shift from PC to Mobile world i.e. the year in which Smartphones and tablets will out ship PCs for the first ever time. Consumers no longer use Desktop as the sole channel to access to Web and this opens a window of opportunities in the Mobile and Cloud space.

Lotusphere has over 300 sessions scheduled over one week’s time and it would be a truly overwhelming task trying to come up with a schedule. The complete list of sessions can be viewed at:

Each session is unique and a lot of homework needs to be done to come up with a schedule that caters to individual needs. Since I’m specifically interested in developments in the mobile space particularly enterprise adoption and multi channel delivery I’m looking forward to the following sessions:
  • SPN204 Harnessing the Power of Enterprise Mobility
  • BP210 From Desktop to Mobile and Smart Phones – Lessons Learned: Taking Web Applications Mobile
  • AD301 Developing Exceptional Mobile and Multi-Channel Applications using IBM Web Experience Factory
  • AD302 Deliver Rich Mobile Experiences with IBM WebSphere Portal Mobile Theme
  • ID228 What's New in IBM Connections Mobile
Considering the MoSCo theme of Lotusphere, I’m keeping an eye on the following sessions too, depending on my schedule:
  • SPN213 The Future of Social Business: A Faculty Panel Discussion
  • SPN207 Securing and Connecting the Cloud: Insider Tips on Successful Cloud Adoption Strategies
  • INV302 Strategy in Action: IBM Mobile for Social Business
  • BP105 tick.tick.tick.tick. #! It's time to Evangelize, Educate and Energize your users to Get Productive, Get Social and Do BUSINESS!
  • GEEK101 SpeedGeeking!
Another thing I’m really looking forward is the ‘Meet the Developers’ lab. I plan to meet up with folks who worked on ‘Web Experience Factory’ to understand how they tailored the product to suit various delivery channels. Customers are looking for solutions that address multi channel delivery and ‘Web Experience Factory’ addresses the concern in a seamless way. It would be fascinating to go behind the scenes and work with engineers who designed the product.

Finally, I can’t wait for the Wednesday Night Party, a must go for attendees and Blogger Open on Thursday afternoon. There is so much more at Lotusphere than all the wonderful sessions.

Laks Sundararajan is a Solution Architect with Prolifics and a key member of highly specialized team working on IBM WebSphere Portal, Content Management and Collaboration technologies. He has led the implementation of many global projects using IBM WebSphere Portal and has extensive background in design and development of enterprise portals. He specializes in providing Enterprise SOA solutions leveraging WebSphere Portal, Content Management, Tivoli and Mashup’s. He holds Masters in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Graduate Degree in Engineering from BITS, Pilani.