Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leveraging IBM Rational to Manage your WebSphere Environment

We’re gearing up for another exciting Innovate 2012 conference in Orlando this year, having just come back from presenting at the IBM Impact conference in Las Vegas. The great thing about these conferences is they give Prolifics the opportunity to share stories and lessons learned with customers old and new – and lets us bring a number of our customers together so they can swap ideas amongst themselves.

Over the last year, since Innovate 2011 conference, Prolifics has helped a number of our WebSphere customers improve their configuration and release management processes through a combination of good practices and IBM Rational tooling. We’ve seen weaknesses in these areas be a major drag on otherwise technically sound development projects – and helping both our own as well as our customers’ teams improve in these areas has been a top priority of my own practice within Prolifics.

In addition to sharing our experiences at IBM Innovate, I am introducing them in this Prolifics whitepaper as well: Leveraging IBM Rational to Manage your WebSphere Environment.

To learn more about my upcoming speaking session at IBM Innovate and Prolifics’ presence at the conference, click here.


Gregory Hodgkinson is the Rational Practice Director at Prolifics ( Previous to that he was a Founder, Director, and the SOA Lead at 7irene, a visionary software solutions company in the United Kingdom. He has 16 years of experience in software architecture , initially specializing in the field of component-based development (CBD), then moving seamlessly into service-oriented architecture (SOA). His extended area of expertise is the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and he assists Prolifics and IBM customers in adopting agile development processes and SOA methods. He is still very much a practitioner, and has been responsible for service architectures for a number of FTSE 100 companies. He presents on agile SOA process and methods at both IBM (Rational and WebSphere) and other events, has also co-authored a Redbook on SOA solutions, and contributes to DeveloperWorks.