Friday, March 21, 2014

Prolifics Accelerator Approach: Driving Security Implementation Success with Identity and Access Management Power Tools

A good Systems Integrator knows how to create powerful technical and business solutions for their customers. A great one can assemble solutions and collate the technical and business knowledge from their work at many customers for the benefit of the rest. Over the years of performing superb Security services for our customers, Prolifics has created numerous implementation accelerators that we bring, often at no cost, to our new customers.

Prolifics has proprietary tools built for IBM Identity and Access Management (IAM) that simplify upgrades and operational maintenance by up to 40%. The “IAM Power Tools” provide specialized capabilities in:

Automated Regression Testing
Our Power Tools leverage our unique knowledge of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) Workflows, customization and APIs. They utilize the keyword-driven testing approach to support Test Driven Development and complete path for testing – from an ISIM request to a change on the end system. They provide regression, functional, unit testing and UI testing. They also uses a generic free and open source test automation framework (Robot Framework), GUI and test case creation and provide test result clear reports.

IAM Configuration Management and Migration
A set of automation tools written as SDI assembly lines to operate and manage any number of ISIM customizations. It simplifies backup, version control and en-masse changes to customizations in workflows, provisioning policies, forms, mail templates, ACIs and other forms of ISIM customizations.

Automatic Workflow Analysis and Documentation (AWD)
AWD creates automatic maps of all identity workflows, generic and customized in one unified view. It can make even the complex 'spaghetti' workflows manageable and maintainable by providing printable PDF's of all nodes, connections, flows and invocations. It is easier and more intuitive to understand than the internal ISIM workflow editor with more relevant information in plain English, rather than javascript. Color coded and carefully laid out automatic documentation makes it possible to keep up to date architecture documentation, easy to understand by business and technical users. Combined with the customization export PowerTools AWD takes operational support and issue tracking to the next level.

ISAM Script Automation
IBM Access Management appliances, both physical and virtual eschew the pdadmin scripting for integrity reasons. Yet, pdadmin scripting is one of the oft used low level automation mechanisms that many of our our customers use. We had created a translation interface that allows existing pdadmin scripts to run on the new IBM Access management appliances, allowing our customers to retain their existing administration and configuration techniques and procedures and thus ease migration to the appliances.

In addition to the PowerTools that our consultants use and train our customers on, Prolifics owns an IAM Adapter & Profile Library that extends the reach of IBM’s portfolio to a wide range of common and specialty applications. The library includes dozens of adapters to connect, provision to and reconcile from a multitude of enterprise ERP, CRM, Financial, HR, IT and line of business systems that we had encountered over the years.

Inviting a security integrator like Prolifics, that packages solutions and assembles accelerators for the customers, helps you reap the rewards of faster implementations, simpler maintenance projects and proven processes. Our clients benefit not just from direct expertise that we bring with our knowledge and experience, but also from the powerful assets that we created over the years in the industry.

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Alex Ivkin is the Vice President of the Security practice at Prolifics. With a deep understanding of compliance, governance and risk management, Alex brings more than 15 years of experience in a broad array of computer security domains. Alex has worked with large and small organizations to help drive security initiatives and deploy various types of enterprise-class identity management and application security systems. In a Security Architect role, he has helped companies succeed in attaining regulatory compliance, improving business operations and securing enterprise infrastructures. As the head of the Security Practice, Alex leads a team of highly skilled consultants to deliver comprehensive security solutions to our clients. Alex is an established and recognized security expert, a speaker at various industry conferences, holds numerous security certifications, two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in computer science with a minor in psychology.