Tuesday, September 7, 2010

City of Largo, FL Wins With Panther Again

The City of Largos’ Recreation Department received rave reviews from users when they went live in mid August 2010. The Recreation application, which was built with Panther5.20/Oracle/Linux, is an accounting, management and tracking system, allowing the department employees to manage their daily duties in an effective way.

For the past 12 years, the city has utilized Prolifics’ legacy tools to build applications for their Police and Recreation Department, starting with JAM7 on SCO. With the release of Panther 5.0 for Linux several years ago, the city migrated most of their applications off their SCO platform. A reason for staying with Panther was its portability; i.e. ability to run on most platforms and to connect to heterogeneous databases with minimal changes.

In recent months, the city’s development team has been thrilled at enhancements made to the Panther Linux product, which include support for anti-aliased fonts, image and text support for tab cards and enhancements to tooltips.

The city’s next project is to web-enable the Recreation app, allowing citizens to register for classes being offered by the department.

According to their Developer/Administrator, “... I cannot over emphasize the effect that the upgraded Panther features have had with both the Recreation Department and City as a whole. We've been able to provide tools with a modern look and feel and in many cases, better than what we could buy at comparative costs.”

Sample screen shots from the Recreation Application

To see the customer's take on this solution, read Dave Richards' entry about Panther on the City of Largo Work Blog

Amrith Kaur-Maldonado, first joined Prolifics as a Consultant and then moved into the Prolifics Education Dept as a JAM/Panther trainer. She has experience in conducting WebSphere Developer Training at IBM training facilities. Amrith then transitioned back into the Technical Support Team 7 years ago and she now managers the Support Team.