Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BPM on the Go with IBM Worklight - Part 2

In this part, we will look into how IBM Worklight addresses each of the 3 capabilities needed to achieve efficiencies for business process namely:
  • Send prompt notifications as a process waits for decision
  • Connect to processes on the move
  • Access the decision data in a secure disconnected mode for review and approval
Let’s look at one at a time:

1. Send prompt notifications as a process waits for decision:

Today’s Businesses require prompt notifications for processes and IBM Worklight accomplishes the same through Unified Push Notifications API. The key here is that Worklight acts as a cross platform push notification service and allows developers on the back to just be concerned with the messaging and polling of your enterprise systems. Currently Worklight’s Unified Push Notification API supports iOS and Android with support for Blackberry and Windows Mobile coming soon.

2. Connect to processes on the move:

Connecting to processes on the move refers to providing multi-channel access to existing applications. IBM Worklight accomplishes the same by extending existing applications to Mobile World. It follows well-known phenomenon ‘Write once run everywhere’ and the ‘80/20 principal’ by providing a Hybrid approach to building Mobile applications. Worklight can help develop device independent HTML5 code that could be wrapped on top of Apache Cordova framework and deployed across Mobile platforms providing connectivity on the go to existing business processes and accelerating go-to market times by increasing productivity.

3. Access the decision data in a secure disconnected mode for review and approval:

Executives are on the move and they would like to have uninterrupted access to information. While it is theoretically impossible to have access to all information on the go, providing access to critical information in a disconnected mode will go a long way in improving process efficiencies. Worklight addresses Offline access by providing access to secure encrypted cache for storing information locally.

The latest version of Worklight went a step further and added embedded mobile database for offline data with robust encryption and data management abilities that include synchronization.

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To conclude, we now have a fair idea of how IBM Worklight handles each of the capabilities required for achieving efficiencies in business processes. In the next part, we will take a real world example developed using IBM Worklight and walk-through each of the capabilities in detail.

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Laks Sundararajan is a Solution Architect at Prolifics, an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and a key member of highly specialized team working on IBM WebSphere Portal, Content Management and Collaboration technologies. He has led implementations of many global projects using IBM WebSphere Portal and has extensive background in design and development of enterprise portals. He specializes in providing Enterprise SOA solutions leveraging WebSphere Portal, Content Management and Tivoli. He holds a Masters in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and Graduate Degree in Engineering from BITS, Pilani.