Wednesday, February 20, 2013

IBM Connect Session Summary - BP 407 Portal at the Speed of Light: Techniques for IBM Worklight Integration

I recently presented a session at Connect 2013 with Handly Cameron titled: Portal at the Speed of Light: Techniques for IBM Worklight Integration. This session focused on discussing various techniques for integrating IBM WebSphere Portal with IBM Worklight. IBM unveiled Portal and a new feature pack for Web Experience Factory, which took mobile landscape to a different level. In Portal, we have responsive themes Out of the Box with CTC4 templates and in Web Experience Factory we have a Camera builder that integrates with Worklight. Our techniques discussed during the session were inline with these new developments in the Portal space.

Let us take a step back and look at what we discussed during the session. We started off with a quick introduction to Multichannel Applications and Worklight. We then discussed various questions that current IT decision makers have in mind before zeroing in on an approach. And then, we presented our five techniques namely:
  • Standalone Portal – Responsive Web Design
  • Standalone Worklight
  • Using Portal to host application pages
  • Personalized Content driven by WCM
  • Integration with Backend Systems
Finally, we concluded with a Reference Architecture and list of things to keep in mind while selecting an approach.

The message that was conveyed through out the session was loud and clear. Portal could be used Standalone to cater to multichannel devices; Same applies to IBM Worklight. Each of them has their own place depending on the business requirements. The other three approaches talk about inter-play between Portal, WCM and other Backend systems with Worklight. We explained scenarios and presented code snippets where such integration would make sense. Most of the questions at the end were focused on this topic.

To summarize - If anyone is heavily invested in WebSphere Portal, then migrating to and employing Responsive Design helps tremendously in targeting multi-channel devices seamlessly. Responsive Themes are available Out of the Box and personalized content could be created to target users more closely. In addition to that, IBM entitlement provides 2 additional licenses for Worklight if the application talks directly to Portal. This would be a nice way to use that entitlement to create mobile applications from Portal targeting multichannel devices. Alternatively, if WebSphere Portal is not in the mix, IBM Worklight could present a promising solution standalone delivering enterprise capabilities across devices.

To access our presentation from IBM Connect, please click here: Portal at the Speed of Light: Techniques for IBM Worklight Integration.

As an IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions, I was also interviewed on my work with Worklight, Portal and Mobile. To watch the interview, click here or below.

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Laks Sundararajan is a Solution Architect at Prolifics, an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and a key member of highly specialized team working on IBM WebSphere Portal, Content Management and Collaboration technologies. He has led implementations of many global projects using IBM WebSphere Portal and has extensive background in design and development of enterprise portals. He specializes in providing Enterprise SOA solutions leveraging WebSphere Portal, Content Management and Tivoli. He holds a Masters in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and Graduate Degree in Engineering from BITS, Pilani.