Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prolifics Welcomes 15 New Hires!

Earlier this year, Prolifics welcomed our largest group of college hires as 15 talented new consultants joined our family. Each new hire is an exciting addition to our team and we look forward to watching their careers grow at Prolifics! Over the course of several new blog entries, we will provide some brief introductions to these bright, young consultants!

Joshua Hatfield
"As someone who recently graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, finding a job in the field of technology was my number one priority. While I researched several positions, Prolifics emerged as the clear choice for the start of my career. No other company offered the value that the College Hire program presented as far as exposure to a wide variety of technologies, a thorough training program, and an established and well-reputed network of employees with unrivaled expertise to work with. I am looking forward to learning everything this training program has to offer, as well as mastering the technologies I will be leveraging as a consultant.”

Greg Sullivan
"I graduated from Touro College in 2011 with a degree in theoretical mathematics, and in the mean time I was enrolled in Baruch College for a Masters in Information systems and I was doing math models for companies privately as a means to earn extra income. I believe consulting is an excellent way to learn new skills, interact with various people, and become more informed in business overall. I am excited to be a part of Prolifics as it is providing me the opportunity to acquire new skills and to grow within the company. The college hire program is an excellent idea as it helps us develop into pivotal members of this company."

Aditi Bhaumick
"I graduated from Columbia University with a masters in Electrical Engineering. I took a couple of courses from Computer Science but this program is awesome because it gives us hands on experience as well as an opportunity to learn from the basics."