Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Applying a Cumulative Fix: IBM WebSphere Portal 8

In this whitepaper, Omar Siliceo illustrates a generic method to apply IBM WebSphere Portal Cumulative Fixes. The installation of a cumulative fix is carried out in two major stages. During the first stage, the actual code for the Cumulative Fix is deployed on the Portal nodes and the master Portal Profile. Once the code is in place, the second stage can initiate. During the latter, each of the additional WebSphere Profiles is upgraded to the Cumulative Fix by using the ConfigEngine tool.

The whitepaper follows the following road map:
1. Access Reference Document
2. Cumulative Fix ID
3. Cumulative Fix System Requirements
4. Cumulative Fix Distribution Acquisition
5. Cumulative Fix Content Extraction
6. Cumulative Fix Pre-Installation Tasks
7. Cumulative Fix Installation

Applying a Cumulative Fix: IBM WebSphere Portal 8

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About the Author:

Omar Siliceo is a Senior Consultant in the User Experience practice at Prolifics. He is a professional Systems Engineer with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Beginning his career over 20 years ago, he has focused on providing design, programming consultation, and problem solving to organizations around the world. He specializes in WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, and WebSphere Edge Components efforts and has worked with a notable list of clients, including Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Macy’s and The World Bank Group. Omar is the author of the book “IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Security”.