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Migrating IBM WebSphere Message Broker v6.1, 7, 8 to IBM Integration Bus v9 on Distributed Platforms - Checklist for a Successful Migration

IBM’s endeavor to offer one integration product capable of supporting .NET, Java, and various heterogeneous integration scenarios resulted in the launch of IBM Integration Bus (IIB). IIB v9 offers a standardized and flexible integration backbone. It allows placement of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB), Rules Engine, and WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) under one software umbrella. One can expect significant benefits including enhanced support for .NET, improved Global Cache, a new Real-Time Performance Monitoring Tool and many other new features and upgrades such us Policy based WLM and BPM integration.

The below checklist is a compilation of IBM Integration Bus Information Center v9 instructions and offers a guideline to a successful migration of WMB v6.1, 7, 8 Broker Component to IIB v9 on distributed platforms. The checklist is comprised of the following topics: Migration of Broker Components and Migration of Development Artifacts.

Migration of Broker Components

The earliest version of WMB that one can migrate resources from is WMB v6.1. In a case where a migration from earlier versions is required, one must migrate to WMB v6.1, 7 or 8 first, however earlier version migrations are not in the scope of this document.

Migration from Windows x86 product to x86-64 product is not supported as well as migration of Linux x86 product to Linux x86-64.

In addition there are restrictions on migrations of earlier versions to IIBv9 Developer Edition. Supported operating modes are Full Edition, Remote Adapter Deployment, Express Edition and Standard Edition.

Finally, IIB v9.0 requires a minimum WebSphere MQ (WMQ) v7.5.0.1 on distributed platform. If publish/subscribe functionality is utilized by WMB v 6.1, a migration of WMQ Queue Manager is required first, followed by migration of subscriptions and then Broker component.

Remember: back up all of your resources prior to migration!

Migrating WMB v6.1, WMB v7.0, and WMB v8.0 Broker Component

  • Back up all resources: configuration repository (WMBv.6.1), Broker database(WMBv6.1),  and development artifacts.
  • If using ODBC connections, back up ODBC connection files.
  • If using configurable services, back up configurable services properties.
  • Install WMQ v7.5.0.1 and up.
In Place Broker Component Migration

Install at least Integration Bus component under new location on the same machine

Remove WMB v.6.1,7.0, 8.0 Broker from the domain configuration

Stop all channels connected to WMB v6.1,7.0,8.0 Broker

Stop WMB v6.1, 7.0, 8.0 Broker

Migrate WMB v6.1 Broker‘s Queue Manager to appropriate IIB v9 WMQ version

Migrate Pub\Sub components if required

Update ODBC connection filesto IIB v9.0 format if required

Set up IIB v9.0 command environment

Run the mqsimigratecomponents command to migrate WMB v6.1, 7.0, and 8.0 Broker (mqsimigratecomponents command migrates configuration data in forward and backward fashion (use “t” option for rollback): broker databases, queues and broker registry are migrated)

Copy environment settings if required

Start IIB Broker

Deploy migrated artifacts

Parallel Broker Component Migration:
Install at least Integration Bus component under new location on the same machine or on another machine

Update ODBC connection files to IIB v9.0 format if required

Set up IIB v9.0 command environment

Create IIBv9.0 Queue Manager on appropriate WMQ version

Create IIBv9.0 Broker

Copy environment settings if required

Start IIB Broker

Create Integration Servers (Recreate WMBv6.1, 7.0, 8.0 Execution Groups)

Deploy migrated artifacts

Migration of Development Artifacts

Development artifacts from all previous versions cannot be shared with IIB v9.0. 

Artifacts developed on IIB v9.0 cannot be deployed to earlier versions.

User Defined Node Jars developed in earlier versions  cannot be migrated to IIB v9.0.

User defined nodes require an extra diligence during migration. 

Resources which are imported into IIB v.9.0 cannot be used in earlier versions of the product.

Message flow projects are replaced with integration projects.
Message sets are “Read-only” once imported and not modifiable. (Modify message sets by
enabling msgset development in IBM Integration Toolkit -> Preferences)

WMB v6.1 and v.70 msgmap can be viewed, compiled and deployed but they are “Read- only” In order to modify .(msgmap) convert (.msgmap) to .map file

 Migrating WMB v6.1, WMB v7.0, and WMB v8.0 Development Artifacts
  • Development resources can be imported into IIB v.9.0 as PI files.
  • Workspaces can be migrated into IIB v9.0.
  • Migrate Development Artifacts

PI Import:
Export development artifacts from a previous WMB version into a PI file

Import PI file into an IIB v.9.0 workspace

Convert integration projects into applications or libraries if required

Workspace migration:
Point IIB v.9.0 IBM Integration Toolkit to location of an existing workspace

Click OK

In case of errors during migration apply “Quick Fix” by right clicking task list warning or error in the Problems view, then click Quick Fix.

*Figure 1, 2: Migrating to IBM® Integration Bus v90
*All Content: IBM Integration Bus Information Center

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