Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What We Can Expect from the IBM-Apple Alliance

The IBM-Apple deal was one of the most talked about news stories in the world of IT this week. As Premier IBM Business Partners, we at Prolifics are thrilled to hear how these two innovative enterprises will continue to shape the future of mobile.

To learn more about the alliance, we decided to sit down with two experts who can share unique insight on what this means for IBM, today’s businesses and consumers around the word. At Prolifics’ Sea Change Summit this week in Montauk, New York, we met up with Ken Parmelee, Technology Business Development Executive, MobileFirst at IBM. We also sat down with Maya Abinakad, Marketing Communications Manager at Prolifics, to talk about what Prolifics clients

Ken Parmelee, Technology Business Development Executive, MobileFirst at IBM
Why do you think this deal is happening now? 
Apple and IBM have an opportunity to shape the mobile enterprise market uniquely. The enterprise market has for years asked for stronger management, security and more scalable solutions. This partnership provides enterprise grade iOS solutions.

In your opinion, just how big is this announcement, when looking at IBM’s 100+ year history?
IBM has had many historic announcements. This would rank high due to the explosion of the cloud and mobile markets and the lack of enterprise solutions in those spaces. Apple's strong consumer focus will lend to IBM design to create even better user experience for these. Both companies are at their best with their focus on the combined capabilities

What are your predictions in terms of what customers can expect as a result of this deal?
Customers can expect:
  • World-class enterprise purchase and support for their devices
  • More secure solutions and services
  • Developer tools and services that speed development while creating beautiful high fidelity iOS experiences that scale. 
Why is data such a critical component of this deal?
The future of computing is all about predictive analysis and intelligent automation that drive personalized, contextual interactions and user experiences. Leveraging the capabilities of IBM MobileFirst for iOS developers will be able to create applications that bring this to reality on the mobile devices Apple creates that are renowned for their user experience.

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Maya Abinakad, Marketing Communications Manager at Prolifics
What do you think the Apple-IBM alliance says about technology and business today?
I believe the message this is sending to the market is significant. Mobile has very much been a disruptive technology and has transformed both our personal and professional lives. Until now, we have seen a clear separation between these worlds when it comes to mobile devices. The IBM-Apple alliance will bring a greater overlap, as IBM and Apple combine proven enterprise solutions together with a best-in-class user experience. I hope that this will lessen the divide between business leaders and creative leaders.

What does this deal mean for Prolifics’ clients?
It means they can have the best of both worlds. These solutions will include the market-leading strengths of IBM and Apple – bringing a completely new level of value for businesses. Our clients are forward-thinking, and this will enable them to leverage the full potential of mobility, all while benefiting from the excellent design and user experience of Apple mobile devices. We are excited to help them get to the next level in mobility.

In what ways do you think Prolifics will be able to contribute to this new alliance?
As a Premier IBM Business Partner, Prolifics has always been committed to leveraging IBM technologies to create customized IT solutions that create competitive advantage. Now, we will be able to offer powerful mobile enterprise solutions on iOS, empowering our clients in ways that were never before possible. As our clients continue to lead their industries in innovation, they will rely more heavily on Prolifics’ technical excellence and industry focus.

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Congratulations to IBM on this exciting initiative! We look forward to contributing to your continued innovation!

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